Weight Loss Diaries – Week 83 (THE BIGGEST LOSS IN MONTHS)

Hello, hello, how are we all? How am I? I’m glad you asked. I’m actually good thanks, I mean relatively speaking. Had a good week, kept myself busy and out of trouble. Oh, and I think I’m single again, but I don’t really know what to say about that yet, so may come back to […]

Weight Loss Diaries – Week 82 (TAKING BACK CONTROL)

Evening all. So, guess who has just returned from camping in that weather we had last night? *raises hand*  Yup. I think we must have chosen the worst day/night weather-wise all year to camp. Torrential rain all day and all night AND gale-force winds – brilliant! Only four people were camping in our field, and […]

Weight Loss Diaries – Week 81 (A BIG WEIGHT GAIN)

Hello! Another week nearly done and I’m being very organised today and writing this early as I’m off to my local beer festival today! (Except, I went, got drunk, danced in the rain and have only just remembered to publish it.) Completely not diet-friendly, but let’s just say, it’s not been the healthiest of weeks […]

Weight Loss Diaries – Week 80 (MAINTENANCE MODE ACTIVATED)

It’s Monday afternoon, and I’m currently sweating one out in the lounge. And as attractive as a vision as that is, I’m really rather quite revolting today. I went camping all weekend, but when I got home last night, my eldest and his girlfriend were home for the week, so I caught up with them, […]