Day Trip to London for Teenagers with Southeastern

  Since Dexter left his football team a couple of weeks ago (long story), it has really freed up our weekends. My weekend used to consist of taking him to training on Saturday and then transporting him wherever he needed to go for the match on Sunday, which often started at 2pm, which meant the whole […]

A Day On Board Princess Cruises’ Emerald Princess

  My normal Saturday routine goes something like this – work from 8-10am, do the housework, do the weekly shop, go for a bike ride, have a takeaway in the evening whilst watching X factor. I think you’ll agree, it’s a pretty exciting Saturday.   Except last Saturday, I did something much more enjoyable – […]

Canvas Holidays – Camping Portfelice Full Review

  You may have seen me mention Italy a few times recently. OK, a lot of times, but I have been lucky enough to visit the country twice in the last few weeks. I wish every summer was like this one (it isn’t, don’t worry.)   So today I want to talk about my first visit […]

Nobody Puts Kate in the Corner – A Weekend in Brighton with Ibis Hotels

  I was invited down to Brighton a couple of weekends ago by Ibis Hotels – a hotel chain I have heard of, but never stayed with, so I was keen to see what they had to offer. The clincher, however, was that we would be VIP of Brightons Big Screen, who were showing Dirty […]

Family Holidays in France with Teens in-Tow

  Heading to the continent with teenagers in-tow treads that very fine line between nerve-wracking and terrifying. And not just the continent either – pretty much any holiday where you’ll be expected to entertain older kids or adolescents. Get it right and you’re looking at fun-filled family memories to last a lifetime. Get it wrong […]

Our Villa Holiday to Lanzarote with Villas 4 You

  I’ve just been to the hairdressers and my lovely hairdresser Matt just looked at my tanned face in disgust and said, “Alright Kate, where have you been now?” I looked at him in the mirror and said, “Sorry Matt, Lanzarote,” and proceeded to tell him all about it. Thankfully, I was only having my […]