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Blimey, the last five months have flown by! I honestly can’t believe that I have stuck to Slimming World all this time – not that I have little faith in myself for anything! And apart from the times I didn’t stick to it of course, but overall I think I’ve done alright.


Anyway, I think the key thing is that this isn’t a diet, I’ve just changed my approach to food, got rid of bad habits and introduced new healthy ones and so I’m not fixated on food – what I can and can’t eat. It hasn’t taken over my life like other ‘diets’ have in the past.


I follow a couple of Slimming World Facebook groups and I saw a thread on one yesterday that got right up my nose, so I thought I’d share it with you! This lady was having a moan, as we all do, about the fact her weight was maintaining and not going down, and she didn’t know why. Most replies were helpful, giving her suggestions about what she could try to kickstart her weight loss again, and then this man chipped in with his five pennies’ worth. He said he’d lost five stone with Slimming World (so you think you’d be a real advocate wouldn’t you?!) Apparently not. According to this guy he has no life whilst on Slimming World. He is miserable. He can’t go out because it means he can’t eat anything, all good fats are banned, like avocado, almonds etc, and he’s had enough of Slimming World because it’s too restrictive and can’t be done long-term.


The man is a moron.


Some people just like to troll and put a negative spin on anything, and so I get that. And it’s one thing when the Syn Police come out and tell you off for cooking and not synning half a raspberry, but this bloke was something else. Firstly, you can eat whatever you want, it’s just in moderation and you just need to syn certain things. It was almost like he was biting the hand that fed him (pardon the pun) and I hope that my lovely readers that are thinking about starting Slimming World aren’t put off by people like that. Slimming World has only brought positivity to my life and, OK, there are days where I would like nothing more than to faceplant an apple crumble and custard, why be so negative? Especially when he’s wrong.


*sigh* Some people …


Onwards. I’ve had a really stressful week, ballsing up at work slightly and chasing my arse to make things right. I had a crown and two fillings done at the dentist. I’ve taken my eldest out for driving lessons. I’ve been chauffeur, cook, cleaner and everything in between and, on top of all that, I’ve felt guilty about only getting round to see Dad twice this week. Those of you that look after or, at the very least, look out for, elderly parents, you know what I mean when I talk about The Guilt … looming all the time, even though you know you’re just doing the best you can.


Five months ago, stress would be a massive factor in sending me to the biscuit barrel but these days a) it’s empty so there’s not much point going, and b) it feels (touch wood) like I’m 95% less of an emotional eater then I used to be. So where as before, if I was happy, sad, stressed or feeling anything else, I would celebrate/commiserate with food. It made everything better … except it didn’t really. So I guess this week was a bit of a test and I passed with flying colours. Go me.


Mind you, it does help that I can’t eat on the left side of my mouth!


One more thing I wanted to mention is that I met my best friend for coffee (no cake!) on Saturday afternoon and I actually chose to wear a skirt and vest top instead of my usual jeans and baggy T-shirt. I actually felt really good in this outfit (photo below) and here’s the thing. I know I’m still a really big girl, I’m not stupid. I know I have at least six stones more I ‘should’ lose, and I know that I have a long way to go … BUT, if I stopped my Slimming World journey now, I would be 100 times happier than I was five months ago. I know that I’m still very much overweight but contrary to what the media constantly tells us, you can still be attractive and being overweight. Shocking I know! I mean I’m not saying I am attractive, but I do scrub up OK, and I really want to take pleasure from every milestone that I pass, so it’s important to sometimes make an effort. This week’s weigh-in was a big milestone for me, and so I thought I’d celebrate by buying new pink sandals and wearing a skirt on a Saturday – this is how I roll!


pink sandals




Not sure I’ve eaten anything new this week. I just needed a quick lunch today between a driving lesson and preparing dinner so I picked up this lovely pre-cooked chilli salmon from Tescos that I ate with some rocket, onion and balsamic vinegar, and it was really tasty. I had both of the fillets because I’m a greedy cow sometimes, but you could just have one of course, and it would be a lot cheaper.


chilli salmon


I have used a tin of boiled potatoes for two of my lunches this week (hear me out), just sliced and fried off in a little bit of spray oil, and served with barbecue flavoured baked beans and a dry-fried egg. It’s quick, filling and easy to bosh together when I’ve got lots of work on. Tastes nicer than it sounds, trust me.




You may have seen on my Facebook page that I tried out Zumba for the first time this week, and I might blog about the whole experience once I’ve got over the trauma of it, but I’m not sure I can put Zumba down to this week’s results. Because … I lost 3lbs this week! THREE FRIGGIN’ POUNDS! Bringing my total loss to 2 stones 5.5lbs but, just as importantly, it brings me into the next stone bracket, one I haven’t been in for at least three years!


I couldn’t wait to tell you, even though I appreciate I’m probably a whole lot more excited about it than you are!


slimming world before after


slimming world before after


But this means I will never (notice I didn’t use the word ‘hope’) be X stones again! I AM SO EXCITED!


I hope you all had a great week and if you didn’t, or things didn’t quite go as you’d hoped, tomorrow is a new day blah blah, and you can always come and moan to me!


Oh, and one more thing, I PROMISE I’ll make and blog a new recipe next week – finding (and hopefully keeping!) this new job has taken all my time and energy, but I really want to carry on cooking something new every week.


You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – ciao!

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  1. I really loved reading your blog today – I liked everything you said and agree – you can be happy and make choices and as we say at our group which I like ( although I did try a couple before that I didn’t like ) Stay on Plan when you Can and also ‘ if you kinda do it, it kinda works but if you really do it, it really works’ I think that’s true of most things in like. Looking forward to your next weeks blog 🙂

    1. Thanks Frankie, lovely of you to say! I’m not sure I particularly did anything different this week though (Zumba aside!) but I would say I’m pretty on plan most of the time. Unless I’m travelling, then it’s another story haha!

  2. You are doing fantastic and you can see it.
    The outfit looks gorgeous.
    I wish I could get on with SW I never loose weight on it. But I need to do something. Xx

  3. Congrats Kate on the loss this week and looking so fabulous. You look like a different person – and without doubt a happier one. Keep it up xx

  4. Religiously follow ur blog, it’s so nice to see / read from a normal, down to earth person,I can relate on so many aspects of day to day life, I have only about a stone to lose but it was more to do with educating my kids on how to eat healthy for life, still feel the need for a fat day with wine occasionally tho, keep up the good work kate, you bring a smile to my face

  5. Well done m’lovely. You’re looking hawt.
    BTW loving the sandals m- what’s the deets please?

  6. I say this every time I comment, but it’s true; you’re doing amazingly!
    I’m glad you’re not doing it as a ‘diet’ but using it as a way to change your attitude to food. I’m working on that myself, it’s SO hard! I’m yo-yoing at the moment sadly, but onwards and upwards (or downwards in this case!).
    So wonderful to see you looking, and more importantly feeling, amazing too!

    1. Aww I don’t mind you saying it every week! 🙂 But seriously, thank you. I’d been yo-yo’ing for ages too so this was a good loss for me and I’m not sure what the scales will say next week! Weight loss can be a bit of a bloody mystery!

  7. Hi there – well done on all fronts – for sticking with SW, for writing about your experiences and for being so honest. You are an encouragement to me. I love reading your blog.

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