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Now I am four months into my Slimming World journey, I’m getting more and more messages from people who are just starting out, who want to know about sample menus, shopping lists, how many syns is this and that, and so I thought I would start writing about it all to answer some of your queries.


The first post is an example of five food items that I buy week in and week out without fail. These are my staples, and items I think you would find useful to buy every week.


I will explain briefly next to each food item some of the things I use them for to give you some ideas.




slimming world staple foods


I cannot begin to tell you how many eggs I buy and get through each week. I use two every morning for egg and banana protein pancakes (just whiz it all up in the blender). I also hard boil two most days, to eat with a salad for dinner and if I don’t have them with dinner, then I snack on them at some point during the day. Dexter has two dry-fried eggs every morning, or scrambled with a little salt and pepper, and they’re just a great item to have in my fridge. At £2.25 for a dozen from Tescos however, it does get a little pricey, but for those of you that follow Slimming World will know (and newcomers will soon find out!), this diet isn’t cheap.


But there are ways to cut back on how much you spend, and I’ll talk about that in another blog post, giving you some ideas for cheaper SW meals.


As an aside, some people find that eggs …erm, bind them up a little, but I can’t say I’ve ever had that problem, but see how you get on.




slimming world staple foods


I eat two bananas every day, one blended with eggs for the banana pancakes for breakfast, and one to eat fresh alongside it, together with fresh raspberries. Before the syn police come after me, I don’t syn the blended banana, but that’s just my personal choice – syn away if you’d like to (I think it’s 4 syns for a banana, depending on the size.) Bananas are filling, cheap, full of potassium, but some people do say that it affects their weight loss – eating them has never affected mine, although if I didn’t eat them, I may lose weight quicker. Who knows? I look at it like this – I enjoy eating them, I’m still losing weight, so I’m going to carry on. They’re a great food item to always have in the house and if, like me, you can’t eat them once they smell of bananas and are a little brown, slice them up, freeze them, and make fat-free ice-cream.


Passata/Tinned Tomatoes


slimming world staple foods


We tend to have Slimming World Pulled Pork for tea on a Saturday, as I can cook it in my Sage Fast Slow Pro Sage Fast Slow Pro (a pressure and slow cooker in one), and it means that Dexter can I can eat together at teatime, and my eldest can eat whenever his shift finishes in the evening, because the Fast Slow Pro will just keep it warm all day. Anyway, my point is that I use a 500 ml carton of passata in this recipe, and it’s free on the Slimming World plan and really versatile, so you could do use it in lots of recipes.




slimming world staple foods

I find that because my three meals a day are protein-rich, I don’t snack that often (previously I would snack on rubbish food all the time), but I always make sure I have some shiny red and crispy Empire apples in the house – I think they are £2 for a pack of five from Tescos, and they are my favourite apples at the moment. Apples are a speed food so technically you can eat as many as you like but, like with most things, it’s better to eat them in moderation because it’s (natural) sugar at the end of the day. I tend to keep a packet of five in my bedroom for evening snacking and another packet in the lounge for daytime snacking – my snacking game is on point! (Also, I’m a sad, lonely singleton.)




slimming world staple foods


Yoghurts are another really versatile product that I use every week and I tend to go in phases of liking a particular flavour. We don’t have an Asda or Aldi near us, but I do live opposite Tescos (literally a two-minute walk), so tend to buy whatever is on offer in there. I really like the large tub of Tesco Finest fat-free Greek style yoghurt, and I use that in my Slimming World Baked Oats recipe (3 tablespoons), or I just have it alongside fresh fruit as a dessert. I am going through a phase of loving Mullerlight Toffee yoghurts at the moment and have one every evening after dinner.


5 slimming world staple FOODS




I’ve seen some really exotic flavours mentioned in Slimming World Facebook groups but they haven’t come to Gillingham yet! One idea I have seen mentioned before is freezing a yoghurt upside down for 90 minutes, and it’s a quick ice cream substitute. I also like the Mullerlight Greek-Style yoghurts, particularly lemon and mango, so yes, we get through a lot of yoghurts in this house!


So these are the five products I buy every single week without fail, in fact I often pop to the shops to stock up on fresh fruit during the week. I must be racking up those Clubcard points as we speak!


What are your go-to Slimming World products that you buy every week?


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  1. I also buy the five items that you buy each week but I also buy strawberries and potatoes in big quantities as well. I nearly always have fruit (strawberries are a must) with natural fat free yoghurt for breakfast and as I have bought an air fryer everyone in the house loves the chips that I make in it, with fry light. X

      1. I have actifry and defo worth it! Makes chips easy and roast parsnips, ptatoes etc… would not be without mine.

  2. My staples are: low-fat cheddar, melon, eggs and potatoes. I’ve got an Actifry and it does make great chips and potato wedges; however, I would say that they are much, much better with oil than with Frylite so I syn the oil (3 per portion) and tuck into my chips… I’ve also done skinless chicken drumsticks in it which were great too.

  3. Hi Kate, I’ve just discovered your site and really enjoying reading your posts. Booooooooo to online dating idiots!
    One of my staples is chickpeas. I don’t eat meat, but use chickpeas for loads of things. Sweet n sour, curry, soup, they go well with cauliflower…. You can also blend a tin of chick peas with three eggs and use it as batter, or a basis for cake recipes, or as a topping on a savoury mix like cottage pie. I think you’re meant to syn if you’re using them as a flour replacement, but like you, and rather get enjoyment and variety from my food and lose some weight rather than be bored and miserable to lose lots of weight quickly.

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by! I had no idea you could use chick peas like that! I absolutely love the idea of blending them with eggs to make a batter – think I’ll have to try that out!

      1. The basic chick pea and eggs batter is good for pancakes. A teaspoon of baking powder makes them like drop scones, or you can also add sweetener and use it as a cake mix. I particularly like lemon, and the woman who brought it to group had used almond flavouring and made tiny cakes in petit fours cases with a little dollop of jam on each, like bakewell tarts.

  4. Hi Kate I am really enjoying reading all your great tips and hints as I am a slimming world fan and have been for 20 years, not always been a member of course but it is the only eating plan I would do, and look forward to more of your ideas.

    1. Hi Mary – thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m veering away from SW now, but still cook a lot of their recipes – I just found my weight really stalled once I started going to the gym. Please do stay and read from time to time though 🙂

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