Freelancing During Summer

    The summer holidays have always struck a sense of fear in me … predominantly a financial one because I’ve always had to auction off a liver to pay for 7 weeks of full time childcare. However, this year I am officially A FREELANCER and so I (naïvely) thought this would be the year where […]

Redundancy, Siri & Iced Buns

  It’s week 2 of my gardening leave/redundancy and I think the news has finally sunk in.  I’m back in my favourite café, writing every day, tweeting about the amazing (weird/boring) things I see happen around me.  This was my favourite tweet from last week:     Yes, I think it’s definitely about time to […]

Kent Messenger – Having It All

  I was featured in the Business section of last week’s local paper, the Kent Messenger.   The interview was about how I have a full time job, a blog AND I’m a single parent – the whole ‘having it all’ debate – but seeing as I was promptly made redundant the day before it […]

Being Made Redundant

  As the title of this blog post subtly suggests, I was made redundant last week.  Re-dun-dant.   ‘No longer needed or useful.’  ‘Superflous.’   It’s never a nice feeling.  It hurts … and it’s the third time I’ve been made redundant – certainly doesn’t get easier as you get older.   I spent 14 […]


I love my job.  Granted, I’ve only been there three months, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it.   We work hard, all get on and as it’s a small, integrated marketing agency, it’s often all hands to the pump.  Metaphorically speaking you dirty lot.   Today, I was tasked with resourcing freelance designers.  We’d been sent CVs […]