Nissan Leaf Blogger’s Challenge

Remember those really annoying Facebook status updates and Tweets about some secret filming I was doing a few weeks ago? Annoying, weren’t they?! Well, I can now reveal exactly what it was all about! (You’ll be able to sleep at night now.) Nissan approached me a few weeks ago to see if I’d be interested […]

Easyjet Barcelona Blogger Trip – 1 Day to Go!

Today, I am mostly practicing for my trip to Barcelona tomorrow as part of the Easyjet Blogger Massive.  I’m in a coffee shop, drinking a latte (skinny – the latte, not me,) listening to music (Usher – and what??!) and people watching (far too many portly men in vests.) Anyway, I’m very excited about Monday.  […]

The Good Life – WitWitWoo’s Way

As I helped prepare the ground for our new vegetable patch, the urge to Vlog overcame me.  Which conveniently got me out of doing any more digging.   So …. this is my first ever official Vlog!  My make-up artist and stylist were off today unfortunately, so I have gone for the ‘au naturel’ look. […]