Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 60 (BIG-ish news)

Time for this week’s healthy lifestyle update and I must just say that this week was rather … interesting. Ahem. Because … and it’s no big deal because it’s very early days, but I’ve started seeing someone. As in *gasp* a new man friend.   Yes, I didn’t think the day would come either when […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 59 (Exciting News! … I Can’t Actually Tell You About)

Hello everyone, welcome to this week’s healthy lifestyle update, oh, and don’t worry, I’ve got over the pork scratching embarrassment from last week. I’ve decided that a) the scales are probably wrong (they’re not), and b) it is what it is right? We all have to start somewhere and everyone loves a pork scratching, so […]

Healthy Living Update – Week 58 (I’m Practically a Pork Scratching)

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s healthy living update. I’m going to get straight to it and talk about my weigh-in.   I have my weigh-in on a Saturday morning and as I mentioned last week, I go to the gym to use their scales because they’re so accurate. Plus, if I lose weight, […]

Healthy Living Update – Week 57 (a painful massage and a trip to the seaside)

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s healthy living update blog post (clearly still haven’t thought of a catchier title!)   I’ve had a really good week. I can tell my back is much improved because I’m not such a miserable cow. I suspect Dexter could have also told you that. It’s amazing how having […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 56 (… the guilt of the ready meal)

Hi everyone. I’ve just got back from spending a night in a hotel on my own … oh my, it was wonderful! More of that in a separate blog post but suffice to say, getting away from day to day life on your own is great for recharging your batteries. (And for all-you-can-eat buffet breakfasts.) […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 55 (when you realise you’re not immortal)

Time for this week’s healthy lifestyle update and It’s been a frustrating week. Frustrating and incredibly difficult. You know I hurt my back last week by doing absolutely nothing (although in hindsight, I’m sure it was a combination of things that had been happening in my body in the previous weeks – dodgy knee, dodgy […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 54 (A Bad Back & A Big Loss)

Time for this week’s newly titled, Healthy Lifestyle update, and it has been a pretty interesting week.   Remember me saying last week that I would be veering more towards calorie counting from now on, using the My Fitness Pal app (although Lifesum looks pretty cool too) … but would still be using some Slimming […]

7 Delicious Slimming World Dinners

When I first started Slimming World, I know one of the things that I struggled with was keeping my meals varied and interesting. As you will know, if you follow my weekly results blog posts, I’m surprised I don’t look like an actual salmon (I’ve gone through several weird salmon addiction phases). Suffice to say, it’s […]