Healthy Lifestyle Update – Weeks 70/71 (a lovelife update too)

Hello everyone. I’d like to say it’s good to be back (from Croatia), but it’s not really. Still, how lucky am I that I got to go? I know I may have spammed you all with some (loads of) holiday spam, but it was so beautiful I wanted to feel like you were all with me! […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 69 (ruddy brilliant news!)

Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone, apologies I’m a day late posting this week’s healthy lifestyle update but y’know, beer, pizza, pub, snogging … it really takes it out of you.   As you may have seen me mention, last week was the Lakeside/Jo Frost event that I was really stressing about and, of course, it […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 68 (I’M BACK!)

I’m back! I know I was only AWOL for a week, but it felt like much longer, at least for me. And also, after my mid-week panic-slash-woe-is-me-whinge about being a massive failure, and the blog post I then wrote, my head is also back in the game. Halle-bloody-lujah. So here’s this week’s healthy lifestyle update. […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 66 (Medicinal Knickerbocker Glory)

How nice was it having a sunny weekend?! I can’t believe the difference it makes … I mean yes, I ‘may’ have a red semi-circle on my chest now where I didn’t ahem, cream up, but I promise to be more careful next time.   Ooh this week was a proper tale of two halves. […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 65 (Did I Reach That 4 Stone Milestone?)

Now not that I imagine for one minute that any of you sit looking at your phones Sunday nights thinking, “Well she’s late with her blog post this week – I can’t possibly carry on with my evening until I’ve read it,” but nonetheless … I’m sorry the post is late this week. As I […]

Healthy Living Update – Week 64 (How Stress Affects Weight Loss)

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my lovely mum readers – I hope you’ve been suitably spoilt. And if not, just don’t make their breakfast tomorrow. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see my eldest today as he had to go home, and Dexter … well, suffice to say I think he now knows that leaving […]

My Top 5 Tips For Coping With Gymtimidation

I love going to the gym, as you’ve probably noticed, but it’s because of how I feel afterwards. The endorphins flying around my body make me think I’m KING OF THE BLOODY WORLD, but whilst I’m there, nope, not so much a fan … and here’s why in one (possibly made-up word): GYMTIMIDATION.   Do […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 62 (fish & chips on the beach)

Evening all. I’ve just had the most wonderful of weekends again so without wanting to appear too gushing, let’s just say that things, and you know what, or rather who I mean, are going well. I just ate fish and chips on Whitstable beach, washed down with a pint of Whitstable Bay lager … and […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 61 (the one where I’m hungover)

It’s 5.30pm on Sunday and I won’t lie, I’m a little bit hungover, but I’m going to attempt to cobble together this week’s healthy lifestyle update for you – pure dedication! So … I went out with my new man friend yesterday (I haven’t decided what to call him yet – it’s very early days) and […]