Weight Loss Diaries – Week 81 (A BIG WEIGHT GAIN)

Hello! Another week nearly done and I’m being very organised today and writing this early as I’m off to my local beer festival today! (Except, I went, got drunk, danced in the rain and have only just remembered to publish it.) Completely not diet-friendly, but let’s just say, it’s not been the healthiest of weeks […]

Weight Loss Diaries – Week 80 (MAINTENANCE MODE ACTIVATED)

It’s Monday afternoon, and I’m currently sweating one out in the lounge. And as attractive as a vision as that is, I’m really rather quite revolting today. I went camping all weekend, but when I got home last night, my eldest and his girlfriend were home for the week, so I caught up with them, […]

Weight Loss Diaries – Week 79 (WHY I DIDN’T WEIGH-IN THIS WEEK)

So this week was Operation … ‘rest after having an actual operation.’ Catchy eh? And I’ll be honest, I didn’t miss the gym one bit. Forcing myself to rest was important because I tend to always just push through whatever I need to … to GET SHIT DONE, but this week I smartly decided that […]

Weight Loss Diaries – Week 78 (I LOVE MUFFINS)

You may have seen me mention on Facebook last night that the reason last week’s healthy lifestyle blog post is late is because SUNBURN! What an absolute tool I am. I put suncream on once, didn’t top it up, and consequently, I looked like an absolute lobster last night. Just on my chest though. God […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 77 (THE FOG HAS LIFTED)

Well that was a bit of a stormy week wasn’t it? You can read about my absolute nightmare of a week HERE. And as I said on FB last night, the fog has lifted, and things are OK again. Not fantastic, but I’m getting there.   The thing with feeling so absolutely rubbish when you’re […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 75 (ALL THE CHEESE BUT A GOOD LOSS)

I won’t lie, I’m a little hungover. I’ve eaten my calorie allowance for the day already, and it’s only 5pm. The only food groups I’ve eaten so far are fat, sugar and carbs and quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier. I mean I’m tired and a little grouchy, but overall, very happy. It’s been a […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 74 (CELEBRATIONS & SELF-DOUBT)

I’m a day late posting this (soz), but I have been camping don’tcha know. More of that in a separate blog post, but suffice to say, I’m not quite sure why I have bruises everywhere. It may come back to me at some point.   (That was pretty much me for the entire camping experience.) […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 73 (A Birthday Weekend)

Happy Bank Holiday woohoooo! And also, a very Happy Birthday to my lovely son Dexter, for he has officially turned into a teenager today – God help me. We’ve celebrated by having a low-fat Five Guys lunch *ahem*, and a wander around Bluewater. His choice, trust me, it wouldn’t be mine, but it’s been wonderful. […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 72 (EATING ALL THE CARBS)

When your week involves going to the launch of a restaurant and eating as many chicken wings as you like (and I’m not going to even mention the free bar), one can safely say that one’s diet has taken a bit of a hammering this week.   Look, I started out with good intentions, honest […]