An Amazing Weekend in Nottingham

  Two weeks ago, Dexter and I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in Nottingham, courtesy of Experience Nottinghamshire, and now I have come out of my food coma, I thought I would tell you what we got up to.   I’ve never been to Nottingham before and I’ll be honest, it has probably […]

Road Trip to Brighton – Ghosts & Nightcrawlers

As I was saying … we scrubbed up alright (see above) – ignore the fact I’m wearing a nightshirt, k? I’ve known my BFF for … well … ever (clue’s in the title,) and we’ve done the whole clubbing scene before … a few years ago in fact, when I was (cough) 22. Part of […]

Road Trip to Brighton – Sticky Carpets & Ladyboys

As many of you may have seen from the drunken Tweeting, I was in Brighton two weeks ago, courtesy of a competition I won run by Living Social. My prize was a romantic overnight stay in a hotel.  Ummm.  OK then.  Not the greatest of timing but I thought I’d take my BFF instead.  We […]

The Imperfect Perfect

I’ve had a lovely weekend I have.  It’s been one of sunshine, coffee in the café, beer, a bit more sunshine, gardening, a cheeky Smirnoff, sprinklers, a Boot Fair, Date Night, football in the park, Toffee Crumble, swimming, Chinese Food, double stuffed Oreos, grass cutting, hanging baskets, cinema, splashing, Sense & Sensibility, laughing, kissing and […]