Lynda Bellingham & My Mum

  So you know how WitWitWoo is predominantly a cheery, fun, kinda frivolous place to be?  Well it’s specifically designed that way because there is enough misery in the world in my humble opinion, and I want my blog to be a place where you can come and have fun. Smile. Nod along a bit. […]

What Should You Vlog About?

  I wrote about vlogging confidence last week and I think the video was well received.  After all, I don’t write (or vlog) as someone who’s done this for years, so I’m no expert, but when I started vlogging I think I would have benefited from watching someone talk about how they started, the things […]

Vlog Challenge: Week 4 Prompt

Welcome to week 4 of “#VlogChallenge.” If you’ve wandered on over here and wondering what all this is about, you can read all about “Vlog Challenge” here. This week’s theme is … How you interpret this is entirely up to you so get creative! Vlog. Upload. Share. I’ll be adding my contribution later this week – it’s […]

The Good Life – WitWitWoo’s Way

As I helped prepare the ground for our new vegetable patch, the urge to Vlog overcame me.  Which conveniently got me out of doing any more digging.   So …. this is my first ever official Vlog!  My make-up artist and stylist were off today unfortunately, so I have gone for the ‘au naturel’ look. […]