Dear Kirstie Allsopp … Life Isn’t Black & White

Image credit:  Daily Telegraph   I don’t usually jump on the media bandwagon and offer my thoughts on what to random ‘celebrities’ are waffling on about.  Mainly because no-one’s remotely interested in what I have to say (fair point).  But I just thought my point of view might be interesting on this occasion.   A […]

Look What I Found In My Bedroom … (no, not that)

      A friend come to stay over the New Year for a few days.  Yes, the male of the species.  Anyway, my bedroom was a real mess but it’s just something you end up living with right?  The bed was always made and clothes were (generally) put away but there were jobs I’d […]

The Day I Took My Son to University

  Some of you may remember that I took my son to University about a month ago.  I drove him down to Bournemouth from Kent with my youngest and  I think I’ve now finally recovered from the trauma enough to write about it!   I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a mix of emotions […]

The One Where My Son Went to University

    18 1/2 years ago I was squeezing what felt like a massive 9lbs 4oz watermelon out of my vajayjay. This weekend, I will be taking said watermelon (aka my son) to Bournemouth University and waving him goodbye for the next three years.  (Although, I may allow him home for Christmas.)   I have […]

Long Time Coming

  I have been busy preparing for an exciting interview that’s coming up on Tuesday.  It’s the first time I have ever applied for a job that didn’t involve being someone’s assistant.  Yes, this is ‘only’ an Internship, but if I’m successful, I’ll be working for different departments within the company and writing a daily […]