Amazing UK Family Travel Bloggers I Love

I love travelling – who doesn’t right? But I’m lucky enough to be part of a small(ish), but perfectly formed group of wonderful people – UK Family Travel Bloggers. My last trip was a solo trip, but I’m equally happy to travel with Dexter … as long as there’s wifi! #TeenagerLife. Seriously though, he’s a […]

Holidaying in Croatia with Just You – Part 1 (Home to Hotel)

I’ve just spent a week in Croatia, as a guest of Just You, the holiday company that caters for solo travellers, and it’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to sharing just how fabulous this trip was with you. I just don’t know if my words will do the trip justice. But […]

Travelling to Croatia as a Solo Traveller with Just You Holidays

Happy Croatia Week! (To me.) This Friday I’m travelling to Croatia with Just You, a company that specialises in escorted holidays for single travellers – note single travellers, not necessarily single people. I approached them last year as I liked the cut of their jib, as my late Mum would have said. I thought that we could work […]

A Weekend in London with Travelodge (and Harry Potter)

I love London. With it’s glorious architecture, vibrant personality and diversity. I can’t say I miss commuting up to London every day, but that means that when I do go, it’s always a pleasure (and never a chore!)   Last weekend, I was invited to spend the weekend in London as a guest of Travelodge, […]

A Solo Hotel Visit to the Mercure Burford Bridge Hotel, Dorking, Surrey

I did something very decadent this weekend. Something that I hadn’t originally intended to do, but circumstances changed and I thought what the hell. I spent the weekend in a hotel on my own! Not just a random hotel, more specifically, Mercure’s Burford Bridge hotel in Boxhill, Dorking (because they invited me), but I was […]

Day Trip to London for Teenagers with Southeastern

  Since Dexter left his football team a couple of weeks ago (long story), it has really freed up our weekends. My weekend used to consist of taking him to training on Saturday and then transporting him wherever he needed to go for the match on Sunday, which often started at 2pm, which meant the whole […]

Canvas Holidays – Camping Portfelice Full Review

  You may have seen me mention Italy a few times recently. OK, a lot of times, but I have been lucky enough to visit the country twice in the last few weeks. I wish every summer was like this one (it isn’t, don’t worry.)   So today I want to talk about my first visit […]