Slimming World – Week 15 Results

  Well I’m back. The holiday blues haven’t quite caught up with me yet as I’ve just spent a lovely weekend in Oxford with my good friend Jen. We write a collaborative travel blog together, We Blog Travel, along with our friend Amanda, and it was wonderful catching up with her, drinking cocktails, watching Friends […]

Slimming World Beef Curry #liveslow

  It seems apt that I’m bringing you a new recipe today via a sunlounger in Lanzarote, as this healthy Beef Madras, suitable for Slimming world followers like me, is brought to you in conjunction with Simply Beef and Lamb as they wanted me to talk about the concept of ‘living slow.’ They are running […]

Slimming World – Week 14 Results

    This week’s Slimming World update is brought to you live via Lanzarote and I just thought it was important to document what was happening out here food-wise, rather than just skip a week. Having holidays and celebrations is part of life so I thought you might find interesting to see how I got […]

Slimming World – Week 13 Results

  Time for my weekly slimming update so if this isn’t your cup of (sugar-free) tea, then that’s OK, we still friends. This was week 13 and it went a little like this.   So last weekend was Easter and surprisingly, I wasn’t particularly tempted to make love to a Crème Egg … ewww, sorry, […]

Slimming World Weetabix Cake

  Merry Good Friday everyone! Don’t you just love a long weekend?! And Easter is the best of them because CHOCOLATE. And HOT CROSS BUNS. And MINI EGGS. You get my point.   If, however, like me you’re following Slimming World, it can test your willpower and so I thought I would use my time […]