Slimming World – Week 24 Results

  Apologies for the lateness of this week’s Slimming World update, but I’ve spent the weekend in Brighton and when I got back we popped round to see Dad for the evening to celebrate Father’s Day with him.   #AteAllTheChinese   Anyway, after last week’s heavy rambling post about the psychological aspects of dieting, I’ll […]

Slimming World Baked Cheesecake

  I have a really sweet tooth, perhaps not as much as I used to have pre-SW, but I would do almost anything for a cheesecake. Including that.   I’ve seen a few cheesecake recipes floating around so thought I would make my own version, which is Slimming World Baked Vanilla Cheesecake, with raspberries – […]

Slimming World Syn-Free Onion Bhajis

  We have my eldest son’s girlfriend staying with us for a few days and I thought I would do my infamous Slimming World Curry for her. And then I realised she doesn’t like curry. Undeterred, I ploughed on, convinced that if anything would change her mind, it would be this curry. MY curry. (Surprised […]

How to eat healthy with the #OneYou campaign

  I first remember going on a diet aged 12, the age Dexter will be on Saturday. It was the Cambridge Diet, where mum and I drank beef flavoured soup, whilst pinching our noses so that we didn’t taste it. I can’t have been very big, I certainly wasn’t fat, and in Mum’s defence, maybe […]