Slimming World – Week 51 Results

Well hello there. I’m writing this blog post whilst eating Lindt white chocolate Lindor sweets – you know the round balls? Ahem. ‘Irrestibably smooth.’ I’D SAY. Dang. I can’t stop eating the damned things. And bearing in mind this is probably the last Slimming World/Get Fit blog post of the year, a year after I […]

Slimming World – Week 49 Results

After deciding last week that I wasn’t going to weigh in every week, I honestly wondered whether to bother doing these weekly updates anymore. For two reasons really – firstly, I wasn’t sure people would still want to read these blog posts knowing that there wouldn’t be an official ‘results’ section, at least not insofar as […]

Slimming World – Week 48 Results

It’s time for this week’s Slimming World results update and I want to first talk about the sad step … aka the scales.   I’ve seen a lot of people talk about how you shouldn’t weigh yourself, moreover you should judge your progress by how your clothes fit, or how many inches you’ve lost – […]

Slimming World – Week 46 Results

Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome to this week’s Slimming World results update.   Things are good chez Sutton. I’ve had a quiet week (well up until last night – suffice to say, Jarvis Cocker was involved), but sometimes it’s good just to keep your head down and bum up (ahem). I’ve written a little more […]

Slimming World – Week 44 Results

  Oooh I’ve been dead busy this week. No more overindulging on Tapas unfortunately, instead, we’ve been launching a big project at work this week so I’ve been swamped. In fact, it’s Sunday night and I’m still working.   Having said that, I really made a conscious effort to make sure I exercised every day […]