Sky Studios Tour

    It’s Easter weekend (yay!) … but I still have to work (boo!). However, I took the executive decision to take some time off and actually go out and do something with Dexter today. As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed with the whole ‘being a single parent’ thing and […]

Camp Bestival 2014

      I mentioned a while ago I was going to Camp Bestival and if I’m honest, I’ve not given it much thought since then. You know what life is like. I’ve been before, I kinda know what to expect and because whenever I think about camping I think about … actual camping sometimes […]

Letting Your Child Go Out Alone

        Today was a big day in the Sutton household.  After months of nagging, and now he’d finally turned nine years old, I let Dexter walk to the shops on his own.   We’d been building up to this moment for what has seemed like years.  He’d ask if he could go […]

Mother’s Guilt

We’re about halfway through the school summer holidays and Dexter is off to the beach today.  He’s pretty excited, as most eight year olds would be.  We packed his bag this morning, both still half asleep after watching last nights Olympics Closing Ceremony (although by the time of the rollerblading nuns, Dexter had wisely fallen […]