Back to School Deal – George @ Asda/Top Cashback

    It’s approximately 13 days, 14 hours, 6 minutes and 42 seconds before Dexter goes back to school.  Not that I’m counting.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved (for the most part) spending the summer holidays with him but boy oh boy am I ready for him to go back to school.   If […]

Today Didn’t Start Well …

      Today didn’t start well.  I’d had a restless night’s sleep (found half my pillows by my wardrobe this morning!) and well, the morning got worse. I don’t know if your child is like this but mine could be up at 4am and still not be ready for school on time and quite […]

When Your Child Learns a Musical Instrument

    When I was 15, I played the flute.  I say ‘played’ … I just twatted about playing Greensleeves a bit, got bored, when clubbing, and that was my musical ‘career’ over.   Twenty eight years on and finally there is another musical instrument in the house.  Except it’s a trombone.  A very noisy, […]

Kellogg’s – Help Give a Child a Breakfast

    A year ago I wrote a post called The Breakfast Club about how Kellogg’s were campaigning to provide more Breakfast Clubs for children across the UK.  Well, it’s a year on, and I’m pleased to report that things are looking better.   Following the success of the ‘Help give a child a breakfast’ […]

Back To School & Epic Failing All Over The Place

I like to think of myself as an organised person.  I’m not.  I just like to think of myself as one.  Take this morning.  It was Skig’s first day at Junior school today so I made sure I got up early.  I say early … any time before 8am I consider early. The day before, […]