Slimming World – Week 15 Results

  Well I’m back. The holiday blues haven’t quite caught up with me yet as I’ve just spent a lovely weekend in Oxford with my good friend Jen. We write a collaborative travel blog together, We Blog Travel, along with our friend Amanda, and it was wonderful catching up with her, drinking cocktails, watching Friends […]

Slimming World – Week 14 Results

    This week’s Slimming World update is brought to you live via Lanzarote and I just thought it was important to document what was happening out here food-wise, rather than just skip a week. Having holidays and celebrations is part of life so I thought you might find interesting to see how I got […]

Slimming World – Week 13 Results

  Time for my weekly slimming update so if this isn’t your cup of (sugar-free) tea, then that’s OK, we still friends. This was week 13 and it went a little like this.   So last weekend was Easter and surprisingly, I wasn’t particularly tempted to make love to a Crème Egg … ewww, sorry, […]

Slimming World – Week 7 Results

  I can’t believe I’ve managed to stick to this whole Slimming World malarkey for a full seven weeks, but praise the Quark Lord I have. I don’t know if you are like me, but I probably dabbled with every diet going, losing a little bit and then putting it all back on, plus another […]

Slimming World – Week 6 Results

    Bonjourno! I’m back from my little three-day jaunt to Bologna and I seem to have brought back the most hideous cold with me. *cough* However, I wanted to let you know the results after following Slimming World for six weeks.    I will write about my trip in a separate post but for now, let’s talk […]