Launch of Korean Chicken Restaurant – Wing Wing, London

It’s not every night you’re invited to eat as many Korean chicken wings as you can, but that’s exactly how I spent last night. Oh, and did I mention the bottomless beer too? Yeah, suffice to say it’s unlikely I’ll be weighing in this weekend.   Wing Wing is a Korean-style chicken and bear ‘chimaek’ […]

Testing out ASK Italian’s Amici Kids’ Menu this Summer

    I’ve never been to an ASK Italian restaurant before. Ever. That’s a bit weird isn’t it, bearing in mind there are around 120 restaurants in the UK. And as we were about to go to actual Italy a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try them […]

Restaurant Review: Zizzi, Maidstone

      I’ve written a few restaurant reviews in my time … Villagio, Zippers, and the disastrous Eight … and one thing is constant, I’m always honest.  Whether the restaurant is great, average or downright horrible … I’m afraid you’ll get the truth.  Which is a good thing, right?   Right.   So this […]

Restaurant Review: Villagio, Chatham

    (Please note:  This is NOT a paid review, just thought readers might find our experience helpful when deciding what restaurant to visit in Dockside, Chatham. I’ve also written about Zippers before.)   For those of you who live in Medway, you’ll know that Dockside Chatham is a game of 2 halves.  On the […]

Review: Eight Restaurant, Rainham, Kent

    I’m not one to complain … honestly I’m not.  I hate doing it, it makes me feel really uncomfortable.  However, there are occasions where I feel it is totally the right thing to do.  This is one of those such occasions.   This post, therefore, is a complaint about a restaurant, but also […]

Restaurant Review: Zippers, Dockside Chatham

  If you’re anything like me, especially in the winter, going on Date Night with your Other Half is, quite frankly, a bit of an effort. It’s cold and dark and come Saturday night, I’ve already had a bath by 6pm in preparation for an evening of Strictly and Merlin. Rock and Roll baby! This […]