5 Great Reasons To Be Single On Valentine’s Day

    Aaaah … Valentine’s Day, the curse of the Singleton.  The one day a year that is designed specifically to make single people feel like utter losers.  I look forward to this day as much as my annual smear.  (Which reminds me, I really must make that appointment.)   However, it really isn’t so […]

How many dates until it’s a relationship?

  The funny thing about blogging is that you bang on (and on and on in my case,) about your life, having no idea if anyone is remotely interested in what you’re writing about, but you write anyway, just because.  Because you can.  Because it’s a release, or for support, or just because you enjoy […]

Internet Dating – Remaining Annoyingly Optimistic

    I must be THE most optimistic person I know.  Don’t worry, I even irritate myself.  You see my faith in the opposite sex remains resolutely (mildly) positive.  As much as it wanes after each time I’m let down, overall, I still believe there’s someone out there for me.  Which is mental really as […]

Online dating – The Gardener

  Last Sunday I made the quite frankly stupid decision to go on a date whilst suffering from Woman Flu.  Which is like Man Flu – but real.  In hindsight, hacking up phlegm over a vodka and Diet Coke is not the sexiest thing I’ve ever done.   So, The Gardener (for that is what […]