Should Big Girls Wear Bikinis?

      (OK, I know today’s blog post title is a little provocative, but bear with me.)   So last night, as I sat and watched Millionaire Matchmaker on Tivo (I know, I know!), I started thinking about my impending holiday abroad.  I am SO excited!  I haven’t had a beach holiday for 7 […]

Plus Size Clothing Rage

    I’ve written about being plus size before.  Blah blah … I’m bigger than your ‘average’ woman.  It’s not exactly that newsworthy.  However … it IS something that a LOT of women are passionate about.  Not the fact I have big boobs per se (that’s a whole other post) – I mean the fact […] …. Diary of a Red Dress

I recently received a gorgeous dress from those lovely folks at …. the website for those of us blessed with extra junk in our trunk. When this dress arrived, I noticed a couple of things.  Firstly, it’s billed as red.  It’s not red, it’s orange.  Unless I’ve gone colour blind overnight.  Quite likely at […]