How National Citizen Service Can Help Your Teen

The thing about having teenagers is that time speeds up. Before you know it, your baby is balancing GCSE revision, friendships and hobbies – mostly without your involvement. The thing is, though, as big as your teens look, they still need a bit of help moving into the next stage of their lives, whether that’s a […]

How To Keep Your Children Safe Online – With The NSPCC & O2

As you know, I have a 12-year-old son. Twelve, going on 16. And if there’s one thing I hate more than hearing him shout, nay scream, at his xBox when he’s playing FIFA, it’s hearing gaming YouTubers blare out from his laptop.   It’s entirely my fault. I gave him my old Macbook when I […]

Osper – Mobile Banking for Young People

  Dexter has asked for money from me approximately 42,671 times this past weekend. Did he get any? Nope, he hadn’t kept his room tidy all week, but you have to admire his persistence.   Being 11 years-old means that it won’t be long before he wants to start going out with his friends without me (35 […]

Breakfast with Up & Go

  We each lead such different lives, the three of us. Dexter is at school every day, I work from home (whilst also doing the housework, shopping, cleaning and everything else of course), and Ben does different shifts at different times of the day whilst he’s on his gap year.   The three of us […]

The London Eye & A Hotel Picnic

    Dexter started senior school last Thursday and we’ve already managed to fight about his homework. Go the Suttons! It feels like forever ago that we had a lovely couple of days in London exploring the city so whilst trying to ignore shouts of, “But I don’t know what I’m meant to be doing!” […]

Parenting a tween – pass the gin!

    When it comes to parenting, I like to think that I’m fairly savvy. I’ve managed to raise one child through to adulthood and although we have had our ups and downs on the way, I think the fact that he is a well rounded and, dare I say it, extremely handsome individual, says […]

#BornToBeBrave with Kingswood Camps

  Phew, what a week. I’m back from BritMums Live and looking forward to what else 2015 has to offer. OK, I’m particularly looking forward to Turkey next month, but there are lots of exciting things afoot!   In the meantime, a company called Kingswood Camps recently got in touch with me to see if […]