Is It Worth Paying for a Dating Site?

    When it comes to dating sites, I’ve been round the metaphorical block, and I’ve got the mild heartache to prove it. So when an online friend mentioned on Twitter recently that she was debating dipping her toe in the proverbial man-pool (that sounded better in my head) … I thought I’d offer her […]

Whatever Happened To Romance?

      “Whatever happened to romance?”  I asked this very question on Twitter today.   ‘God’ (not sure that’s her real name) replied with a resounding YES, romance IS dead … and a few others echoed her sentiments. All rather depressing.   I had posed the question from a philosophical POV more than anything […]

A Dating Challenge: The One Where My Blind Date Accidentally ‘Met’ My Dad

  It is a week since I took up Just Single’s #3dates3mths dating challenge (3 dates in 3 months – only 1 can be from my online world) and I’m 1 challenge down already.  (Go me.)   Read here to find out what’s what.   I’ll be honest, the idea of finding a date from […]

How many dates until it’s a relationship?

  The funny thing about blogging is that you bang on (and on and on in my case,) about your life, having no idea if anyone is remotely interested in what you’re writing about, but you write anyway, just because.  Because you can.  Because it’s a release, or for support, or just because you enjoy […]

Online dating – The Gardener

  Last Sunday I made the quite frankly stupid decision to go on a date whilst suffering from Woman Flu.  Which is like Man Flu – but real.  In hindsight, hacking up phlegm over a vodka and Diet Coke is not the sexiest thing I’ve ever done.   So, The Gardener (for that is what […]

Review: Mini-Kin Online Magazine

    I’ve just been introduced to a new online magazine that I think a lot of my fellow parent readers might find interesting, so I thought I’d tell you a little about it.   It’s called Mini-Kin and is produced by the Sunday Telegraph.  It’s billed as a source for,  “Providing the very best […]