The Eden Sessions with ASUS

  Phew. What a month so far! I feel like today is the first day I’ve stopped to take a breath (and a large Americano with a side of fruit scone.) The last month has seen me jet off to Corsica, win new business (for my day job) in Manchester, drive down to Cornwall for […]

Spandau Ballet @ Eden Sessions

  Of all the random things I’ve done since becoming a blogger five years ago, this week’s project nears the top of the random list. On Thursday morning, I will be driving down to the Eden Project in Cornwall to watch Spandau Ballet live in concert.   I wasn’t kidding was I?!   As regular […]

How To Improve a Child’s Confidence

  Tomorrow is a big day in the Sutton household.  Yes, I’ve got to pay my O2 bill and I’ll probably stop at Costa after the school run … but I don’t mean that, as exciting as that is.  Dexter is doing a trombone solo in front of the whole year!   And what’s even more […]

Happy Kate Bush Tickets Going On Sale Day!

    Happy Kate Bush Tickets Going On Sale Day!   Except, of course, the tickets were like the Holy Grail and were impossible to buy … unless you have £291 lying around (for 2 tickets.)  I don’t.  So my once in a lifetime opportunity to see her live came to an abrupt halt – 8 […]

Dating: The Man With The Cravat

      It has been six weeks since I wrote about my last date as part of the #3dates3mths dating challenge with Just Singles.  What can I say?  I’ve been through a dry patch.  As it were.  Moving house has hindered my dating opportunities.  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) But I […]

When Your Child Learns a Musical Instrument

    When I was 15, I played the flute.  I say ‘played’ … I just twatted about playing Greensleeves a bit, got bored, when clubbing, and that was my musical ‘career’ over.   Twenty eight years on and finally there is another musical instrument in the house.  Except it’s a trombone.  A very noisy, […]

Camp Bestival 2012: Review

  I have been lucky enough to write for the Camp Bestival Blog this year and had managed to hype myself up into a frenzy about Camp Bestival typical of a three year old who’s eaten too many Cheeze Strings.  However, real life has annoyingly gotten in the way of writing about my Camp Bestival highlights.   A […]

Camp Bestival 2012: Rob da Bank’s Music Club Tent

      Currently appearing on the Camp Bestival Blog:   Lifestyle Blogger at WitWitWoo, Kate Sutton, is excited to introduce Rob da Bank’s Music Club, which is coming to Camp Bestival for the first time. Looking out of the window, I can’t quite believe that July is upon us already, but judging by the […]