Kate Meets – Stu Heritage

  Last night saw my first Google Plus Hangout for Tots100 and first up in the ‘Kate Meets …‘ series was Stu Heritage – blogger for The Guardian.   For those who didn’t manage to watch it live, here’s a link.  Stu proved rather entertaining, although his love of Hear’Say dolls is questionable.   Kate […]

The One Where …. The Teen Gets a Job

Yesterday was a good day in the WitWitWoo household.  I had some brilliant news (I can’t announce just yet – and no, I’m not pregnant … are you kidding?!) but, more importantly, our teen had some news that he’d been desperately waiting for.  The onset of his AS level results temporarily forgotten, he’d been waiting […]

Long Time Coming

  I have been busy preparing for an exciting interview that’s coming up on Tuesday.  It’s the first time I have ever applied for a job that didn’t involve being someone’s assistant.  Yes, this is ‘only’ an Internship, but if I’m successful, I’ll be working for different departments within the company and writing a daily […]