Afternoon Tea at Flemings Mayfair Hotel

  As the school holidays come to an end, I thought I would take advantage of our last full week together last week and take Dexter to London. We went to see Wicked, stayed in a hotel overnight, went on the London Eye and had afternoon tea. I’ll probably blog about everything we got up […]

A week at San Lucianu, Corsica with Mark Warner

  Sometimes you receive an email that can make or break your day. Generally speaking, when you see the word ‘Corsica’ in an email header, it’s likely to be good news. And that’s exactly what happened when Mark Warner kindly invited me and a group of other bloggers to their San Lucianu resort in Corsica […]

A day at Pennyhill Park with Experience Kissimmee

My Monday usually consists of the school run, football kit washing and breakfast by 11am if I’m lucky. Thankfully, yesterday wasn’t a typical Monday.   I had been invited to meet the CEO of Experience Kissimmee. Now, if you’re a Disney fan, Kissimmee might ring a bell with you because it is the nearest resort […]

Things I’ve done whilst Dexter has been on holiday

    I talked earlier in the week about how Dexter was on a week long residential with his school, which meant I was child-free for a whole week. Now be honest, I bet you’ve all been dying to know what I’ve been up to haven’t you? Well wonder no more … here’s what has […]

Child-free for a week – what now?

6.50am It’s the big day! We’ve been building up to Dexter going away for a week’s residential to the Isle of Wight with his school for six months now. I’ve been saving like mad and paying off a little bit each week and today’s the day. I’ve woken up early and beat the alarm – […]

My Perfect Family Holiday | #MarkWarnerMum

    Unless you live under a rock (and if you do, it’s your choice, I’m not judging) … you will have heard that it’s that time of year where Mark Warner Holidays launch their Ambassador programme.   I’ve applied before and unfortunately wasn’t successful. But, being the magnanimous person that I am, I haven’t […]

Holidaying at Levante Beach, Rhodes With Mark Warner Holidays

    For those of you who follow me on social media, I would like to belatedly apologise for all the holiday spam you had to endure last week whilst I was living it up in Rhodes with Mark Warner.  For those of you who don’t follow me (why not?!) … here’s what happened!   It has taken […]

Camp Bestival 2014

      I mentioned a while ago I was going to Camp Bestival and if I’m honest, I’ve not given it much thought since then. You know what life is like. I’ve been before, I kinda know what to expect and because whenever I think about camping I think about … actual camping sometimes […]

Day Trip to Whitstable

  It is officially 26 days until Dexter and I go on our summer holiday … our first one together in 7 years.   You would not believe the excitement levels happening in our house right now. Seriously. In fact, we even had a day trip to Whitstable yesterday to do a trial run to […]