Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 65 (Did I Reach That 4 Stone Milestone?)

Now not that I imagine for one minute that any of you sit looking at your phones Sunday nights thinking, “Well she’s late with her blog post this week – I can’t possibly carry on with my evening until I’ve read it,” but nonetheless … I’m sorry the post is late this week. As I […]

Healthy Living Update – Week 57 (a painful massage and a trip to the seaside)

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s healthy living update blog post (clearly still haven’t thought of a catchier title!)   I’ve had a really good week. I can tell my back is much improved because I’m not such a miserable cow. I suspect Dexter could have also told you that. It’s amazing how having […]


  It’s not often an advert gets my attention. But this one certainly did. It is awesome on so many levels that I just felt I had to share it.   It is produced by Sport England and is part of a campaign called THIS GIRL CAN.  (Follow the #ThisGirlCan hashtag on social media.) It’s […]

Back in the Saddle – Top 10 Cycling Tips

As the dawn of a yet another new job approaches, I’ve made a belated New Year’s resolution. I’m going to cycle to work. Hold on, I need a sit down.  And a gin. My crunchy knees still haven’t forgiven me for getting into running last year (what was that all about!?)   So I started cycling […]

Save The Children – Health Workers

I attended the Save The Children Blogger’s Conference on Saturday.  I took my seven year old son, Dexter, with me, primarily because my Other Half was at his own conference, but also because I wanted Dexter to be aware of this amazing organization.  So that we could, at least on a seven year old level, […]