Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 74 (CELEBRATIONS & SELF-DOUBT)

I’m a day late posting this (soz), but I have been camping don’tcha know. More of that in a separate blog post, but suffice to say, I’m not quite sure why I have bruises everywhere. It may come back to me at some point.   (That was pretty much me for the entire camping experience.) […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 73 (A Birthday Weekend)

Happy Bank Holiday woohoooo! And also, a very Happy Birthday to my lovely son Dexter, for he has officially turned into a teenager today – God help me. We’ve celebrated by having a low-fat Five Guys lunch *ahem*, and a wander around Bluewater. His choice, trust me, it wouldn’t be mine, but it’s been wonderful. […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 72 (EATING ALL THE CARBS)

When your week involves going to the launch of a restaurant and eating as many chicken wings as you like (and I’m not going to even mention the free bar), one can safely say that one’s diet has taken a bit of a hammering this week.   Look, I started out with good intentions, honest […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Weeks 70/71 (a lovelife update too)

Hello everyone. I’d like to say it’s good to be back (from Croatia), but it’s not really. Still, how lucky am I that I got to go? I know I may have spammed you all with some (loads of) holiday spam, but it was so beautiful I wanted to feel like you were all with me! […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 69 (ruddy brilliant news!)

Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone, apologies I’m a day late posting this week’s healthy lifestyle update but y’know, beer, pizza, pub, snogging … it really takes it out of you.   As you may have seen me mention, last week was the Lakeside/Jo Frost event that I was really stressing about and, of course, it […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 68 (I’M BACK!)

I’m back! I know I was only AWOL for a week, but it felt like much longer, at least for me. And also, after my mid-week panic-slash-woe-is-me-whinge about being a massive failure, and the blog post I then wrote, my head is also back in the game. Halle-bloody-lujah. So here’s this week’s healthy lifestyle update. […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 66 (Medicinal Knickerbocker Glory)

How nice was it having a sunny weekend?! I can’t believe the difference it makes … I mean yes, I ‘may’ have a red semi-circle on my chest now where I didn’t ahem, cream up, but I promise to be more careful next time.   Ooh this week was a proper tale of two halves. […]

Healthy Lifestyle Update – Week 65 (Did I Reach That 4 Stone Milestone?)

Now not that I imagine for one minute that any of you sit looking at your phones Sunday nights thinking, “Well she’s late with her blog post this week – I can’t possibly carry on with my evening until I’ve read it,” but nonetheless … I’m sorry the post is late this week. As I […]

Healthy Living Update – Week 64 (How Stress Affects Weight Loss)

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my lovely mum readers – I hope you’ve been suitably spoilt. And if not, just don’t make their breakfast tomorrow. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see my eldest today as he had to go home, and Dexter … well, suffice to say I think he now knows that leaving […]