Family Holidays in France with Teens in-Tow

  Heading to the continent with teenagers in-tow treads that very fine line between nerve-wracking and terrifying. And not just the continent either – pretty much any holiday where you’ll be expected to entertain older kids or adolescents. Get it right and you’re looking at fun-filled family memories to last a lifetime. Get it wrong […]

Day Trip to Paris | Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower

    Just to remind you where I left off my Paris story, we were getting hungry and had to decide what we were going to do for food. As much as I would have liked to have found a cute brasserie, somewhere like this one …     … and spend hours eating ALL the […]

Day Trip to Paris | London to Notre Dame

  So I did it. I went to Paris. Was it everything I had hoped for?   I’ll start from the beginning. I dropped Dexter off to a very obliging best friend who kindly took him to school for me, and I made my way to St Pancras where I met mon ami for the day, […]

Review: Canvas Holidays

  You may, just MAY have noticed that I went on a trip to France recently with a lovely group of bloggers, courtesy of Canvas Holidays … (check out the #CanvasBloggers hashtag to see all of our tweets and photos.)   When I was first asked by Canvas Holidays to review their camping site, Camping […]