How To Improve a Child’s Confidence

  Tomorrow is a big day in the Sutton household.  Yes, I’ve got to pay my O2 bill and I’ll probably stop at Costa after the school run … but I don’t mean that, as exciting as that is.  Dexter is doing a trombone solo in front of the whole year!   And what’s even more […]

Nerf Guns & Ice Cream Sandwiches

        You may have seen me write last week about how difficult it is to work as a freelancer during the school holidays whilst I have Dexter at home.  Having said that, I have tried really hard to balance working for my clients with having some quality time with the boys and, […]

What I Wore … Out to Dinner

    Saturday nights, as a single woman, are normally (unfortunately) a very tame affair.  We’re talking X Factor and a takeaway with Dexter in autumn/winter and maybe an early evening dinner at the local pub if it’s sunny in summer.   There are times where I may have a date on a Saturday night […]

Father’s Day … Loving Twice As Hard

      Yesterday was Father’s Day and I, for one, am glad it’s over. I normally feel the same on other ‘special’ days … like Mother’s Day and my late Mum’s birthday. These days are designed to celebrate but for those of us who have experienced loss, in whatever form, they are only designed […]

Panto Review: Dick Whittington, Dockside, Chatham

  I love the panto … (oh no you don’t etc.)   Sorry, that’ll be my only panto related pun.   I reviewed Peter Pan that appeared at Dockside, Chatham a couple of years ago and the producer very kindly personally invited Dexter and I along to this year’s performance of Dick Whittington.   I […]

The Imperfect Perfect

I’ve had a lovely weekend I have.  It’s been one of sunshine, coffee in the café, beer, a bit more sunshine, gardening, a cheeky Smirnoff, sprinklers, a Boot Fair, Date Night, football in the park, Toffee Crumble, swimming, Chinese Food, double stuffed Oreos, grass cutting, hanging baskets, cinema, splashing, Sense & Sensibility, laughing, kissing and […]