easyJet Magazine Article – Five Go Mad in Barca

    Remember earlier this year when I WENT TO BARCELONA????  Course you do … I talked about it enough.   Anyway, my article for easyJet’s Traveller magazine has just been published!  ‘Just’ the 4million circulation … (cough) … no biggie.   So … here it is.   It’s rather fab if I say so […]

EasyJet Blogger Trip to Barcelona – Part 5 (Orange Bikes & Human Towers)

Just when you thought my tales of Barcelona were over. They’re not. I last told you about the very beautiful W Hotel that we stayed in and bored you senseless no doubt with photo after photo of the view from my bedroom.  Sorry – but you have to admit, it was gorgeous. Anyway, after we […]

Easyjet Blogger Trip to Barcelona – Part 4 (The W Hotel)

The W Hotel, Barcelona Whenever I go away which, granted, has been fairly infrequent in the last … ooh, six years, I always end up staying in a middle of the road hotel.  A 3* … 4* for a really special occasion.   I might … might … even plump for, wait for it, breakfast too. […]

Easyjet Blogger Trip to Barcelona – Part 3 (The Olympic Stadium)

Travelling to an Olympic stadium with Sally Gunnell (we’re BFF’s don’tcha know,) is one of those really surreal moments in life.  You know you’re there, you know you’re standing next to her, you know you’re looking down at the very race track that she won her Olympic gold medal on and yet .. it’s all […]

Easyjet Blogger Trip to Barcelona – Part 2 (Getting There)

So I made my way downstairs to the Press Conference and tried to look like I belonged with the other members of the press.  I clearly didn’t and I could see the fear in their eyes. (“This is a local Press Conference for local journalists.  You’re not … *gasp* … a BLOGGER are you?!”) Of […]

Easyjet Blogger Trip to Barcelona – Part 1

Sometimes, opportunities present themselves in the most unusual ways.  A few weeks ago a friend of mine tweeted details of a competition for bloggers being run by Easyjet.  It was to mark the inaugural flight from London Southend airport to Barcelona. To cut a long story thankfully short, I wrote a pitch to Easyjet that […]

Easyjet Barcelona Blogger Trip – 1 Day to Go!

Today, I am mostly practicing for my trip to Barcelona tomorrow as part of the Easyjet Blogger Massive.  I’m in a coffee shop, drinking a latte (skinny – the latte, not me,) listening to music (Usher – and what??!) and people watching (far too many portly men in vests.) Anyway, I’m very excited about Monday.  […]

Easyjet Blogger Competition – UPDATE

For those of you who are on Twitter … you MAY have just seen me asking for votes for the above competition.  OK, nagging … but here’s why. I entered this competition a couple of days ago – thankfully, the deadline had been extended.  Result!  It was one of those competitions that was a spur […]