Mother’s Day without a Mum

  Mother’s Day is always a bittersweet occasion for me, a motherless child. This year, I feel blessed to have both of my children with me on Mother’s Day and it means everything to me.   I read a very personal article today by a woman called Tanya and it was about what losing a […]

The Echo of Mum

  I was searching for a specific old photo of me yesterday because I’m involved in a really fun project with (more of that in another post.)  It was so lovely reminiscing.  The fashion, THE HAIR … the photos of my Mum who I miss dearly.   This photo jumped out at me for several […]

“What Will Happen When You Die Mummy?”

    I was sat on the sofa with Dexter at the weekend, having a rare cuddle with no phone or laptop interrupting us, and somehow we got onto the subject of death.  Nice.  I should point out it wasn’t a subject I raised but moreover, I think it was prompted by something we were […]

The Old Man in the Cafe

  There aren’t many people that touch my life these days.  I don’t let them.  Ironically, considering I’m a blogger, I’m actually quite a private person and it’s rare that I let people ‘in’ or even put myself out to make conversation with strangers.  I realise that makes me sound horrible.  I’m not.  Promise.  (Well, […]