The Love Letter In The Cafe

THIS IS MY SHOCKED (POST-CYCLING) FACE   I had a very eventful Sunday morning. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.   Dexter’s football match wasn’t until 12pm, but rather than laze in bed all morning (well, I did some lazing), I decided to go for a bike ride. I know! The weather was beautifully […]

Dating: The One Where A Man Called Me Fat

    My morning started out by finding I had forgotten about a banana in the bottom of my bag, the soggy remnants of which I then went on to grind deep into the material of my bag with my laptop. So I now have a banana splattered handbag and a damp Macbook.   It […]

He’s Just Not That Into You

I thought I’d give you a little dating update.  I haven’t been dating.  You’re welcome.   A combination of reasons, but I’ve enjoyed the break.  I’ve worked hard, enjoyed spending time with my eldest whilst he’s been home from Uni, I’ve reconnected with my best friend again.  All awesome things.  But now, as we head […]

Is It Worth Paying for a Dating Site?

    When it comes to dating sites, I’ve been round the metaphorical block, and I’ve got the mild heartache to prove it. So when an online friend mentioned on Twitter recently that she was debating dipping her toe in the proverbial man-pool (that sounded better in my head) … I thought I’d offer her […]

Whatever Happened To Romance?

      “Whatever happened to romance?”  I asked this very question on Twitter today.   ‘God’ (not sure that’s her real name) replied with a resounding YES, romance IS dead … and a few others echoed her sentiments. All rather depressing.   I had posed the question from a philosophical POV more than anything […]

What I Wore … Out to Dinner

    Saturday nights, as a single woman, are normally (unfortunately) a very tame affair.  We’re talking X Factor and a takeaway with Dexter in autumn/winter and maybe an early evening dinner at the local pub if it’s sunny in summer.   There are times where I may have a date on a Saturday night […]