What Is BAMO? And Why You Need To Know It If You’re Single

Online dating really is a tale of two halves. One half being dating nice, normal blokes with it either leading to further dates or it just ends, amicably, after one date. The other half is dealing with men who like to play ‘the game.’ The game being … actually, I’m still really not sure what […]

9 Foolproof Ways To Resist The Urge To Contact Your Ex

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll have seen me describe my very exciting Saturday night last night as a single woman. Three episodes of Escape to the Country, a half-eaten, two-day old Banoffee Pie and numerous glances at my ex-boyfriend’s Whatsapp profile to see when he was last online. Quite pathetic I think you’ll […]

Great … More Awful Dating Messages

Do you remember me writing recently about some awful messages I’d received from dating websites? And oh, how we all laughed … and just presumed it couldn’t get any worse? Well I’m back, with another, ‘More moronic dating messages’ blog post. Hurrah for you, because it’s kinda funny. Boo for me because obviously, this means […]

10 Things I’ve Learnt About Speed Dating

So yesterday was the day I popped my speed dating cherry (click on the link if you want to find out why I decided it was a good idea.) It was certainly … an experience, and here are 10 things I’ve learnt about speed dating.   1. Getting chatted up at the petrol station beforehand is […]