The Love Letter In The Cafe

THIS IS MY SHOCKED (POST-CYCLING) FACE   I had a very eventful Sunday morning. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.   Dexter’s football match wasn’t until 12pm, but rather than laze in bed all morning (well, I did some lazing), I decided to go for a bike ride. I know! The weather was beautifully […]

Be Safe Be Seen Campaign

    Dexter and I went shopping for bikes this week. Nothing whatsoever to do with suddenly being told he’s doing his Cycling Proficiency test next week (as we used to call it) … and him not actually having a bike to do it on.   Talk about panic buying.   I have had to […]

Back in the Saddle – Top 10 Cycling Tips

As the dawn of a yet another new job approaches, I’ve made a belated New Year’s resolution. I’m going to cycle to work. Hold on, I need a sit down.  And a gin. My crunchy knees still haven’t forgiven me for getting into running last year (what was that all about!?)   So I started cycling […]

The Gallery: T is for Traffic

Today’s entry for Tara’s Gallery meme, is brought to you …. courtesy of the letter ‘T.’ I’ve been driving a car since I was seventeen years old … so that’s about  .. *cough* .. ten years now.  I passed my test second time around.  All the best drivers do. When you’re in the safety and […]

What I Wore Wednesday: #1

The gorgeous Transatlantic Blonde has created a new meme called What I Wore Wednesday.  The clue is in the title. As much as I like to think (and let other people think,) I’m a glamorous superhero … ahem … (my super power being … excellent vodka drinking,) actually, I like to just be comfortable most […]