A Day On Board Princess Cruises’ Emerald Princess

  My normal Saturday routine goes something like this – work from 8-10am, do the housework, do the weekly shop, go for a bike ride, have a takeaway in the evening whilst watching X factor. I think you’ll agree, it’s a pretty exciting Saturday.   Except last Saturday, I did something much more enjoyable – […]

Royal Caribbean Cruise – My Thoughts

    I could write and write (and write) about my trip away to Italy with Royal Caribbean but I’m going to make this my final post about my trip and talk about the things I would be interested in if I wanted to read a review about what a cruise is ‘really’ like.   […]

Royal Caribbean Cruise – Rome Part II

      Rome.  The city of .. well, Romans.  By now we had visited the Vatican, even managing to lower the tone by taking the obligatory ‘double thumbs up’ photo outside.  Linda’s idea obviously and after lunch Kristina, our guide, took us on a walk to the Trevi Fountain.  Where we did exactly the […]

I’m a #RoyalMum

    This time next week I’ll be packing my butt off as I’ve been invited on a cruise with Royal Caribbean!  I think that now officially makes me a Royal Mum – woohoo!   Sorry about the over-excitement but you could say this couldn’t have come at a better time (what with the whole […]

A Taste of Independence of the Seas

      I am dictating today’s blog post from my bed, à la Barbara Cartland, as I have a revolting eye infection that means it’s difficult to look at anything bright. If someone could paint my nails and rub my feet too, that would be awesome.  Cheers.     So, last Saturday, Dexter and […]