My Happy Places

    It’s 6pm on Saturday and I’m freshly bathed, in clean pyjamas, already in bed (albeit working on my laptop) and listening to James Blake’s ‘Wilhelm Scream’.  Living the dream people.   It also happens to be Valentine’s Day.   Now for many of you this might sound a little sad (it is), but […]

Meeting Blogging Friends

    One of the things I love about blogging is that I’ve made some lovely friends over the last four years.  People whose paths would never have crossed mine and maybe, in some cases, people who perhaps wouldn’t be a natural ‘fit’ for me in real life.  Our shared love of blogging brings us […]

The Day I Spilt Hot Coffee Over A Disabled Lady In A Wheelchair

    On a scale of 1:10 of horrific days, today scores quite highly.  I think the blog title ‘might’ give it away slightly.   A smear test at 8.30am aside (sorry!) … the sun was shining this morning and I was in good spirits.  I was finally having a TV service installed in the […]

The Old Man in the Cafe

  There aren’t many people that touch my life these days.  I don’t let them.  Ironically, considering I’m a blogger, I’m actually quite a private person and it’s rare that I let people ‘in’ or even put myself out to make conversation with strangers.  I realise that makes me sound horrible.  I’m not.  Promise.  (Well, […]