I had a realisation this week that not only do I seem to be in the Bermuda Triangle of dating, but it also pertains to my wardrobe. Being 44 years old means that sometimes I am not quite sure what I ‘should’ be wearing or even what I want to be wearing. Throw being a size […]

Plus Size Clothing – Taking it to the Top

  I found myself with a couple of hours to spare on Saturday so thought I’d do a bit of (child-free) shopping.  Have to be honest, not my most favourite hobby … find it more frustrating than fun these days.  And the following story is why.   It was a shop called Select – one […]

Plus Size Clothing Rage

    I’ve written about being plus size before.  Blah blah … I’m bigger than your ‘average’ woman.  It’s not exactly that newsworthy.  However … it IS something that a LOT of women are passionate about.  Not the fact I have big boobs per se (that’s a whole other post) – I mean the fact […]