Jupiter Ascending – The Worst Film You Will See This Year

    I don’t go to the cinema nearly as much as I used to, or as I much as I would like. Even though I take a carrier bag full of goodies instead of paying the cinema’s extortionate prices, it’s still a lot of money for a single parent like me … and I don’t have […]

Film Roundup – Lucy & Philomena

I’m a huge film fan and love nothing more than going to the cinema, especially on my own! The only reason I don’t go more often is purely down to cost. (Note to cinemas:  PLEASE STOP BEING SO EXPENSIVE!)   I have been using Netflix for a year now and it’s been great so far. Both boys […]

Restaurant Review: Villagio, Chatham

    (Please note:  This is NOT a paid review, just thought readers might find our experience helpful when deciding what restaurant to visit in Dockside, Chatham. I’ve also written about Zippers before.)   For those of you who live in Medway, you’ll know that Dockside Chatham is a game of 2 halves.  On the […]