Being Pampered at Christmas

    As a parent, I’d do anything for my children. Anything. Including having three days of every week involve football in some capacity. We’re talking football practice on Friday night (Friday night!!!!), Saturday morning (really early!) … and then a match on Sunday. So, you know, I think I do my fair share of […]

Christmas Shopping & New Friends

    I took myself off to London earlier this week for a little trip. No children, no work, just a spot of Christmas shopping with a new friend.   I should mention that I’ve never met this friend before. We met on Twitter you see … so, just like with a blind date, there […]

Long Tall Sally | Christmas Wishlist

  At 5ft 9”, I’m considered tall for a woman. It used to be something that upset me at school because all the boys were shorter but I remember feeling relief after one summer holiday because at aged 15, finally everyone shot past me and I didn’t feel so out of place.   Of course, […]

‘Family Fun for Christmas Eve’ – Tesco Living Article

      I was asked to write an article for Tesco Living to talk about what fun activities and crafts you and your children could do on Christmas Eve.  I didn’t think “Eat Quality Street all day” would go down too well, so I managed to think of a few more.   You can […]

Review: Westfield Stratford Ice-Skating

Dexter and I went ice skating at Westfield shopping centre, Stratford a couple of years ago.  A lot has happened since then and when we were invited to go along again this year, I wondered just how different everything would be.     Well, apart from the ice rink now being situated directly outside the […]

Panto Review: Dick Whittington, Dockside, Chatham

  I love the panto … (oh no you don’t etc.)   Sorry, that’ll be my only panto related pun.   I reviewed Peter Pan that appeared at Dockside, Chatham a couple of years ago and the producer very kindly personally invited Dexter and I along to this year’s performance of Dick Whittington.   I […]

Center Parcs Tots 100 Competition

  Dexter and I love Center Parcs.  We’ve only been once mind you, five years ago, but it’s one of a few treasured memories that he still talks about.  So when we saw that Tots 100 were running another Center Parcs competition, we knew we’d have to take part.   And then Christmas happened and […]

Review: Ask Her Friends

    In case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas is coming.  I know, sorry, but unfortunately, it can’t be avoided.   I’m one of those people who doesn’t admit Christmas is happening until at least mid-December, the tree may (or may not) be put up a week before Christmas and I tend to wrestle with what […]

Tesco Magazine: Christmas Television Picks 2011

(Photo credit:  Tescos Magazine)   I’m a bona fide child of the 70s and growing up with only three TV channels meant Christmas television was a little limited. I had to choose between The Mike Yarwood Show, Only Fools & Horses, Top of the Pops and, unfortunately, the occasional episode of Val Doonican. I’m glad things have moved on […]