A Reminder To Take Time Off Over Christmas – With Treated.com

I’m unofficially on countdown mode for Christmas now. In my head anyway because, as a freelancer, I won’t really be slowing down any time soon. Work is still coming in, and it still needs to be done, but I can’t complain. (Well, I can but no-one would listen haha!)   And on top of work, […]

I’m Single at Christmas – It’s Not So Bad

I was lying in bed the other night and it occurred to me that this is my fifth Christmas as a single woman. I have mixed feelings and thoughts about it, so here I am, virtually sharing my innermost feelings with you, strangers on the internet!   Now I’ve umm’ed and aah’ed about talking about […]

Week 2 of my Slim.Fast 3-2-1 Challenge

    So the results from Week 1 were good weren’t they!?  I’m really pleased with how Week 1 went … you can catch up on what happened here.  Meanwhile, here’s what happened in Week 2!   Week 2 has brought its own set of unique challenges. Read on to find out what I’ve been up […]

Week 1 of my Slim.Fast 3-2-1 Challenge

    You may have missed me mention on Boxing Day that I’ve set myself a new challenge. I’ve signed up for Slim.Fast’s 3-2-1 Challenge and you can read a little more about that here.   This is my first week’s diary but first, a little background.   This post may surprise my regular readers. After all, […]

Time to Shed some Christmas Weight with Slim.Fast

      Merry Boxing Day!   So that’s it folks … Christmas is done and dusted for another year and I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families. Dexter kept telling me throughout the day that … “This has been the BEST CHRISTMAS EVERRRRRRRR!”, so I think I did alright!   […]