The Imperfect Perfect

I’ve had a lovely weekend I have.  It’s been one of sunshine, coffee in the café, beer, a bit more sunshine, gardening, a cheeky Smirnoff, sprinklers, a Boot Fair, Date Night, football in the park, Toffee Crumble, swimming, Chinese Food, double stuffed Oreos, grass cutting, hanging baskets, cinema, splashing, Sense & Sensibility, laughing, kissing and […]

Benefit Of The Doubt?

As a parent, it is our responsibility to provide for our children the best we can – emotionally, spiritually and financially. It’s not always easy, right? But we manage somehow. For most of us, it’s what we signed up for. Which is why yesterday’s announcement that ‘jobless, Keith McDonald, 25’  who is set to have […]