“What Will Happen When You Die Mummy?”

    I was sat on the sofa with Dexter at the weekend, having a rare cuddle with no phone or laptop interrupting us, and somehow we got onto the subject of death.  Nice.  I should point out it wasn’t a subject I raised but moreover, I think it was prompted by something we were […]

When Your Child Learns a Musical Instrument

    When I was 15, I played the flute.  I say ‘played’ … I just twatted about playing Greensleeves a bit, got bored, when clubbing, and that was my musical ‘career’ over.   Twenty eight years on and finally there is another musical instrument in the house.  Except it’s a trombone.  A very noisy, […]

The Day I Took My Son to University

  Some of you may remember that I took my son to University about a month ago.  I drove him down to Bournemouth from Kent with my youngest and  I think I’ve now finally recovered from the trauma enough to write about it!   I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a mix of emotions […]

Camp Bestival 2012: Review

  I have been lucky enough to write for the Camp Bestival Blog this year and had managed to hype myself up into a frenzy about Camp Bestival typical of a three year old who’s eaten too many Cheeze Strings.  However, real life has annoyingly gotten in the way of writing about my Camp Bestival highlights.   A […]

Save The Children – Health Workers

I attended the Save The Children Blogger’s Conference on Saturday.  I took my seven year old son, Dexter, with me, primarily because my Other Half was at his own conference, but also because I wanted Dexter to be aware of this amazing organization.  So that we could, at least on a seven year old level, […]