Secondary School Decision

    After yesterday’s blog post, I thought it would be a good idea to do a follow-up post today.   We didn’t get our first choice of secondary school. Nor did we get our second choice. We got our third choice.   I am still struggling to process it. I know first hand how […]

Will We Get Our No.1 Secondary School Choice?

  It is very stressful at Chez Sutton today and it’s only 11am. Fellow parents of 10 and 11-year-olds will know the pain I’m going through today because we find out whether we were successful in our number one choice of secondary school for Dexter.   There is only one school I want him to go […]

Healthier Drinks for Kids – With Brita Water

  Dexter is a growing tween and boy, don’t I know it. He has always had a healthy appetite shall we say, but the one thing he loves more than anything at the moment (apart from burgers obvs) are smoothies and fruit juices.   Thankfully, he has never liked Coke, but I allow him the […]

Dating | When A Man Doesn’t Want Children

    I thought it was time for a dating update. Things have been quiet. Very quiet. I am out of the habit of dating, nor have I had the inclination to bother. I check my messages on the free dating site perhaps once a day, in the hope that my preconceptions about the site […]

Be Safe Be Seen Campaign

    Dexter and I went shopping for bikes this week. Nothing whatsoever to do with suddenly being told he’s doing his Cycling Proficiency test next week (as we used to call it) … and him not actually having a bike to do it on.   Talk about panic buying.   I have had to […]

How To Improve a Child’s Confidence

  Tomorrow is a big day in the Sutton household.  Yes, I’ve got to pay my O2 bill and I’ll probably stop at Costa after the school run … but I don’t mean that, as exciting as that is.  Dexter is doing a trombone solo in front of the whole year!   And what’s even more […]

Today Didn’t Start Well …

      Today didn’t start well.  I’d had a restless night’s sleep (found half my pillows by my wardrobe this morning!) and well, the morning got worse. I don’t know if your child is like this but mine could be up at 4am and still not be ready for school on time and quite […]

Dear Kirstie Allsopp … Life Isn’t Black & White

Image credit:  Daily Telegraph   I don’t usually jump on the media bandwagon and offer my thoughts on what to random ‘celebrities’ are waffling on about.  Mainly because no-one’s remotely interested in what I have to say (fair point).  But I just thought my point of view might be interesting on this occasion.   A […]

New Year Super Sleepover – Part II

      Remember I told you that Dexter is going away for the New Year (and that I’m going to be CHILD FREE FOR FIVE DAYS!!!)?  Well the company that run the holiday, ATE, asked if Dexter had any questions for them before he went.  Dilly from ATE has kindly answered them for him […]