The Things You Do For Love – Part 1 – Camping

So here’s a funny story. Remember me saying I’d finished things with my man-friend a few weeks ago and how heartbroken I was? Yeah, we’re back together. I know, I know … they’re exes for a reason, but please don’t judge. Like with most things, it’s actually really rather complicated, and the situation isn’t quite […]

Random Act of Kindness at Camp Bestival

      You may have seen over the weekend that I didn’t do very well at the whole ‘camping’ thing whilst at Camp Bestival. I think I’ll write separately about why it didn’t quite work out for me but, in the meantime, I wanted to tell you about a wonderful Random Act of Kindness […]

Dexter @ Wagamama @ Camp Bestival 2012

  I mentioned in my Camp Bestival Highlights post that Dexter absolutely loved the DJ sets at Wagamama at the festival (as did myself and the eldest,) and someone very kindly pointed me in the direction of this video that’s on the Wagamama YouTube channel.   Dexter features about 27 seconds into the interview with […]

Camp Bestival 2012: Review

  I have been lucky enough to write for the Camp Bestival Blog this year and had managed to hype myself up into a frenzy about Camp Bestival typical of a three year old who’s eaten too many Cheeze Strings.  However, real life has annoyingly gotten in the way of writing about my Camp Bestival highlights.   A […]

Camp Bestival 2012: Words

    Currently appearing over at the Camp Bestival Blog:   Lifestyle blogger at WitWitWoo, Kate Sutton, talks about books, authors and all things spoken word. I’ve had a real love affair with books all my life, finally culminating in studying literature for four years recently at Uni.  As a mature student, I had the […]