Birthday Fun with Balloon Time

    You may have seen me mention online, but it was Dexter’s birthday yesterday. I’m now the proud mother of two boys aged 20 and 11, although to this day, I maintain I don’t look nearly old enough.   I told Dexter, perhaps somewhat naïvely, that he could do what ever he liked on […]

Bank Holiday with Morrisons

    Last week, as the Bank Holiday approached, the supermarket, Morrisons, very kindly gave lots (and lots) of bloggers £80 in vouchers to spend in-store, and asked them to blog about their experience as part of a #MorrisonsMum campaign.   I’d missed the email from BritMums (who were organising the blogger outreach) but noticed […]

BritMums Live Sponsor

    The annual blogging conference, Britmums, is nearly upon us and for those in the blogging world, you’ll know what a great event it is.   I wasn’t sure whether to go this year or not – I worked for Britmums last year as a room moderator, introducing guest speakers and encouraging questions from […]

I’m Going to BritMums Live!

    For anyone that’s attending this year’s BritMums Live conference, here are a few details about me: Name: Kate – Or Flame Haired Goddess …. just putting it out there. Blog:   WitWitWoo Twitter ID:  @iamwitwitwoo Height: 5ft 8″ – used to be taller but the shrinking has begun. Hair:   Red.  ALL natural […]

Shortlisted for the BiBs

Just when I thought this week couldn’t get more awesomer (it’s a word – I checked,) I’ve only blummin’ gone and been shortlisted for the BiBs (that’s Brilliance in Blogging to the Blogging Muggle.) Now I’ve always thought I’m *hilaaaaaaarious* (if I’m not a fan of me, who else is gonna be! and it’s a […]

BritMums Live 2012! Meet & Greet

For those who have been to blogging events before, you’ll know all about the whole ‘boob checking’ thing.  Y’know … you see people you don’t know so we all check each others’ name badges out – which just happened to hang at boob level. Hey, I’m not complaining. However, another way round this is by […]

The New BritMums Live Speaker!

I’ve been blogging since July 2010.   Six months after WitWitWoo was born, I dipped my toes into the proverbial social media water and joined Twitter.  I say joined … like most people, I’d actually joined two years earlier but just never used it.  (“Twitter?  Wassat?”) I’ve learnt a lot on the way … (I refuse […]

BritMums – Good Reads #1

Whilst Karin from BritMums puts her poor swollen ankles in the air, (I should point out she’s very, very pregnant,) I have been honoured with the task of taking over a few of her BritMum chores. The first is Good Reads.  Here is my first selection of what’s hot (in blogging terms anyway) this week. […]