Things I’ve done whilst Dexter has been on holiday

    I talked earlier in the week about how Dexter was on a week long residential with his school, which meant I was child-free for a whole week. Now be honest, I bet you’ve all been dying to know what I’ve been up to haven’t you? Well wonder no more … here’s what has […]

Time To Pay It Forward

  A few weeks ago I wrote about how Bahlsen (the posh biscuit people – although I’m not sure that’s technically their official tagline) … had very kindly sponsored me to attend the UK’s largest parenting blogging conference, BritMums Live, this year, and that as part of this sponsorship we were going to kickstart a […]

I’m Going to BritMums Live!

    For anyone that’s attending this year’s BritMums Live conference, here are a few details about me: Name: Kate – Or Flame Haired Goddess …. just putting it out there. Blog:   WitWitWoo Twitter ID:  @iamwitwitwoo Height: 5ft 8″ – used to be taller but the shrinking has begun. Hair:   Red.  ALL natural […]