Dating: The One Where A Man Called Me Fat

    My morning started out by finding I had forgotten about a banana in the bottom of my bag, the soggy remnants of which I then went on to grind deep into the material of my bag with my laptop. So I now have a banana splattered handbag and a damp Macbook.   It […]

The Fat Shaming Brigade

  “If you and I, every time we pass a mirror, downgrade on how we look or complain about our looks, if we remember that a girl is watching us and that’s what she’s learning”. Gloria Steinem   Whoa. That didn’t quite go to plan.   Some of you may have noticed that I decided […]

‘What I Love About My Body’ – Tesco Living Article

    I was recently asked to contribute to Tesco Living’s new look website and talk about ‘What I love about my body.’   You’d think that would be a tricky article to write.  You’re not wrong.  I sat and looked at my laptop for ages and, probably for the first time ever, gave some […]