Dating: The One Where A Man Called Me Fat

    My morning started out by finding I had forgotten about a banana in the bottom of my bag, the soggy remnants of which I then went on to grind deep into the material of my bag with my laptop. So I now have a banana splattered handbag and a damp Macbook.   It […]

Ox Pasture Hall, Yorkshire – Review

    We were invited to stay at the Ox Pasture Hall hotel in Scarborough and it fit perfectly in with our Great Northern Adventure, which you can hear about here, here and here.  We have never been to Yorkshire before and Scarborough is to the North East of Leeds.  I think.  I never was […]

The Great Northern Adventure | Day 3

    Our final day of our Yorkshire road trip brought us to Scarborough.  For those of you whose geography is as good as mine (ie. not very), it’s up a bit and to the right of Leeds, so north eastish.   I didn’t want to make the same mistake as York and attempt to […]

The Great Northern Adventure | Day 2

    Day 2 and I have never looked, sounded or felt more hideous.  We were originally planning to see my friend Nickie but as you’ll see from the beginning of this video, it was never going to happen.  She-bola had now hit me HARD.   But I did get to meet another of my […]

A Day Out at the Laura Ashley Hotel

    I was lucky enough to be invited to visit Laura Ashley’s (relatively new) hotel in Elstree last week, The Manor … you may have seen the #LauraAshleyElstree hashtag flying around with lots of photos of cakes and chess boards!   The afternoon started out by meeting up with my lovely blogging friends Kate […]

Road Trip to Yorkshire (with Kia!)

    As you know, the idea of relocating to Yorkshire has been going round and round my head for a few months now (read about that more here and here.)  I figured the best way to find out if we like Yorkshire was to actually visit!  Yep, we’ve never actually been.  Minor point.   […]

Pink Lining Halloween Competition

  I’ve written about Halloween a couple of times on this blog before. Remember that time I left a pumpkin in the boot of the car and kinda forgot about it? That was nice. Poor car has never been the same since.   Well Halloween is a holiday that, for some reason, Dexter absolutely loves. […]